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The Hillsong Church represents the diversity of modern Christianity, especially within the Protestant traditions. I was raised as a Christian, and my spiritual beliefs correspond with mainstream Protestant Christianity. However, I am not a member of the Hillsong Church. The church I am a member of, loosely, is unrelated to and totally different from the Hillsong Chuch. Our church is Unitarian, and not evangelical. Raised without a clear sense of denominational identity, I would not even know how to qualify what makes my church different from any other. However, I can easily say why the Hillsong Church is different from others. The Hillsong Church is aptly named, because music is essential to the model of worship. Unlike other Protestant church organizations, Hillsong is known for its huge congregations. According to the Hillsong Website, more than 20,000 people attend Sunday services in Sydney alone ("About Hillsong Church"). The church that I attend, sometimes, is small with no more than a few hundred members attending a service at any one time. Because my denomination is also Protestant, we also have a similar approach to Christian holidays as the Hillsong Church. Holidays are special occasions of worship, but the rituals and services we hold are dissimilar from those in Catholic Churches. There is no Eucharist or Latin liturgy. However, the Hillsong Church approach to Christian worship is totally different from the type of worship I am used to. The Hillsong Church uses

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