Article Titled 'Why China's Rise Is Great for America'

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Liu, E. (2012). Why China's rise is great for America. Time. 22 Feb, 2012. Liu's (2012) article for Time magazine, entitled, "Why China's Rise is Great for America" was triggered by his having encountered a book called Becoming China's Bitch. Liu (2012) expected a "xenophobic rant" about the "sinister, relentless yellow horde" but instead read "a squishy pile or moderate policy recommendations," (p. 1). The topic of China's economic power and its relationship to America's dwindling political and economic clout is one of the most topically relevant. Liu (2012) talks about America's "profound problems" including a "faltering educational and physical infrastructure," (p. 1). China has its own problems, notes Liu (2012). Both countries are now enmeshed in a codependent or mutually interdependent, to put a positive spin on it relationship. The author notes that whereas once the discourse included fearful references to the Communist threat; that now the literature is filled with talk about the decline of the USA. To illustrate his case, Liu (2012) primarily uses the example of the Apple Corporation. Apple's products are designed at the Cupertino complex in California, but those plans are executed and manufactured in China by Foxcomm. Moreover, Foxcomm presents serious ethical problems for Apple. Their factories violate the basic principles of labor ethics, allowing Apple to get away with what they otherwise could never do at home. The business model used by companies like
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