Article Vii Of The U.s. Constitution State That Laws Passed By Congress

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Article VI of the U.S. Constitution state that laws passed by Congress, and action by the president, must meet the standards of the Constitution. Article VI is intended to state that the rights and liberties of citizens are secure. Unless the government can prove that it has a very good reason to control individual’s freedom. By virtue of being human, all individuals are in possessions of certain natural rights, such as the right to a free trial and freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Civil liberties are freedoms that are guaranteed protection of people from an over-powerful government. Civil liberties are rights that cannot be restricted by government regardless of ethnicity, gender or citizenship. It restricts government actions to…show more content…
But it became important during 20th century. These liberties include freedom of thought, belief, expression, and assembly; protection against unreasonable searches and captures; and provisions for a court hearing prior to government taking of a person 's life, liberty, or property. Civil liberty is not absolute, it is subject to limitations in order to secure or promote the greater interests of the community. The State may protect civil liberty through its laws against interference by other individuals, or through its constitutional system against interference by any single part of the Government. But the State always possesses the power, through its legal power, to limit and shorten or even destroy civil liberty. During certain times the government may place limits on civil liberties. This is allowed during war time or during other national crisis. People want to limit the liberties because of the safety problem. Citizens have the right to challenge government actions by initiating legal action. In such a case, the U. S. Supreme Court uses its power of judicial review, which included the power to void any legislative or executive action that violates constitutional rights. Recent events such as, the debate over gay marriage and abortion ensure that our conceptions of liberty and equal rights will continue to rise in future. We can describe civil liberty as the story of managing the collision between the need and desire of the
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