Article in the Oregonian, Portland Rejects Flouride in the Water System

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An article published in the Oregonian, “Portland and its aversion to fluoride reflects Oregon’s unusual politics”, presented views of Portlanders who have rejected adding fluoridation chemical to the city’s clean water supply.1 In September 2012 Portland city council approved adding fluorine to the city’s water supply.1 However, public outrage soon ensued leading to a special election to protect the water supply.1 In May 2013, Portlanders voted 61% to protect their clean water supply.1
This article limitation is it built on prior knowledge, local advertisement, and past articles written in the Oregonian. Portlanders were inundated with misleading information during the campaign against community water fluorination supported by local media and the Oregonian. Many locals used lawn signs to iterate there are risk to fluoride Opponents believed fluorine was an industrial byproduct4, a chemical and focused on trace amounts of contaminants that would be forcing toxins into the body. Some opponents were the Portland medical professionals, as documented in KPTV 12-Fox News.2 Medical professional stated it harms the bones, brain, thyroid gland, the immune system and the effects on children developing brains are unknown.2 More importantly, Portlanders should not knowingly add fluoride to our clean water supply.2
During the campaign to protect Portland’s water, Clean Water Portland provided a website to provide information against fluoridation.4 This website was often quoted in
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