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Amanda Lopez Stock1 Queen of Talk Under Bad Lighting As a leader and icon Oprah Winfrey has redefined the meaning of success and has become one of the most praised women. Oprah has had numerous articles, books, and magazines, dedicated to highlighting her success. Another article in the New York Times summing up Ms. Winfrey’s accomplishments is nothing less than typical. However, what is uncommon is to come across a writer such as gossip columnist Kitty Kelley, doing what no one dares to do and confronting the negative and practically silent aspects of Oprahs’s stardom. In Kitty Kelley’s Oprah biography, she provides her readers with a raw and insightful view contradicting The New York Times view on Oprah as an ultimate multimedia…show more content…
Kelley provides her readers with quotes such as these to question Ms. Winfrey’s truth in her story line that Oprah has created for the media. One of Kelley’s theories behind Oprah’s ability to create such story as a talk show host is that Oprah possibly feels that “false comfort is better than no comfort” (384). What about the comfort towards Oprah’s own family. Kelleys uses this as one her main arguments in her books attempt to bring down Oprah. Kelley mentions how Oprah’s “blood family knew they did not have Oprah’s heart like the celebrity family she had re invented for herself, and they resented their secondary position in her affections, but knew their lack of acclaim could not enhance the image she wanted to present” (144). Celebrities most prized possession in their career is their image. Now, what gives Kitty Kelley the right assume what would “enhance” Winfrey’s image? Kelley is was one of the few writers that went against one of the biggest Icons known. She portrays a sense of fearlessness in her writing that majority of writers lack or will not dare to do when writing about power house celebrities such as Oprah. The New York Times article is a perfect example of what the average newspaper does for stars like Ms. Winfrey. They create articles with no truth but only stated facts in Oprah’s career. Even with or without the facts newspapers want positive credibility from “Emmy and Oscar winning”( New York Times) Oprah. The difference between
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