Articles Of Confederation Vs. The Constitution

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Jake Roseman
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February 1

Articles of Confederation Vs. The Constitution

There were plenty of differences between the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation. When the American Revolution ended the free states needed some sort of control that would create a unified country. There were problems such as how power between local and national governments would be divided, how laws should be made and by whom, who will govern the laws, and how will the government be created to protect individual rights came into thought. Their first attempt at solving these issues was the Articles of Confederation. The AOC was a failure for the most part, but not entirely. After it failed, the state delegates tried to revise the articles, but instead the Constitution was created. There were so many changes made and very little remained the same as the AOC. The thirteen states formed a Confederation referred to as the “league of friendship” in order to find a solution for common problems such as foreign affairs.The Articles of Confederation was the nation’s first Constitution. The AOC made a confederation where states were independent and the national government was very weak and had little authority. No matter the population of each state, each state had one vote in the house of Congress. It was decided on by the members of this one house Congress that the new government should have no executive or judicial branch. With the articles in place, there wasn’t a strong…
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