Articles Of The Articles Confederation

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The Articles of the Confederation The Articles of Confederation was ratified on March 1, 1781. It limited Congress’s influence and power over the colonies, but allowed them to manage foreign relations or Indian affairs, coin money, maintain a postal service and as a last solution, intervene with any disputes between the states. After the Revolution, Americans wanted to avoid tyrannical or monarchy government, therefore letting each state rule over themselves would eliminate having to report to higher authorities, however this caused disorganization and no one or government to lead the states. The states believed in “a firm league of friendship”, never came true as each state would compete with other to increase their population, wealth and land. However, the most important fact about the Articles of Confederation is that it harmed America more than it help it as it kept the states separated. Without a plan, goal or a common purpose, the colonies fell apart, fighting for self glorification and improving themselves, instead of helping each other. Furthermore, the Articles of Confederation failed to address on the restoration of America, such as paying war debts and when “The Requisition of 1785”, was implemented, people protested by starting riots and states capitol printed more paper money than there was gold, thus liquidating the value of the dollar. This leads to an event that caused a turning point in the restoration of American during the 18th century, “Shays Rebellion”.
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