Articles On Social Media Marketing Essay

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Scholarly Journals/Articles Regarding Social Media Marketing A large amount of information was collected from the articles and journals that were reviewed. All of the information that was looked at was in favor of using social media as a marketing strategy. It can be determined from the first article reviewed that while television advertising and e-mail marketing are effective means of marketing, social media is even more effective. This quote from the article “…consumers that have a greater motivation to find information, have a greater desire to socialize online and use the Internet are more likely to become part of the firm’s social media site” means that using social media puts the company in the perfect position to connect with consumers who are already there (Kumar, Ashish, et al, From Social to Sale). Another article reviewed shares the four most important aspects of social media marketing. The author lists them in order: organizational competence, customer engagement with social media, individual commitment, and organizational commitment (The Use of Social Media in Sales, Guesalaga). These four aspects are essential in having a successful social media marketing campaign. Organizational competence refers to the company’s knowledge, productivity, and expertise with social media (Guesalaga). Customer engagement refers to engaging the customer through methods such as commenting and messaging on forms of social media. Thirdly, there is individual commitment (Guesalaga).
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