Articles about Cross-cultural Field

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In this paper, I will point out the strengths and the limitations of each section base on the two studies.
Summary of the articles
Article 1
The first study examines through a survey research by adapting snowball sampling and online survey. Participants were selected from United State and Japan and all the participants were college graduate students from Japan and United States. At first, the snowball sample method was tested to Japanese college graduates and the online survey was tested both Japanese and American college graduates. In this study, a cross-cultural comparison was established within Japanese and United States. The study was made to discover the development of coping on the individual aspects of bullying (Matsunaga, 2010). Therefore, a meditational model was made to testing the social support and adaptation in this related area (Matsunaga, 2010). During the study, participants needs to answer if they been a victim of bullying and their experiences been bullied (Matsunaga, 2010). The study content three components, in the beginning, study took in depth of by defines the characteristics of bullying. Secondly, it was based on how to counter bullying. Lastly, by using supportive commutation can generate some positive effects in the study of bullying.…
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