Articles about Involvement in Gang Violence and Methods of Prevention for Students

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In low income areas and large cities, gang violence is a major problem many parents hope their children will avoid. Unaffordability makes the option of relocating out of the question for the majority of families. Very few people from neighborhoods such as this are able to go to college because of the expense and lack of motivation from the students. Scholarships are the only hope for kids who grow up in environments like downtown Oakland or Berkeley, California. Scholarships can only be granted through outstanding skills in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities, though, not because a student has the ability to stab with a knife, torment innocent pedestrians on the street, or shoot a gun from a moving car. Solutions to …show more content…
This resulted in Lawson abandoning the dream of a prosperous life followed by him retreating to the acceptance of gang life. Dohrmann’s article uses a strong voice of pathos as he describes several years of Lawson’s life. The argument is entertaining. Having been published in Sports Illustrated the purpose was to be an engaging read, yet Dohrmann fails to state any specific claim to identify why he believes sports are not the solution for students to avoid gang involvement. His only proof is that such a dream was not attainable by Lawson and several other young men mentioned within the passage. The only statistics provided are irrelevant to the argument, but help the reader connect with Lawson on a more personal level. Dohrmann does make it clear that gang violence is growing, at least within the city limits of Oakland, California where “there were 127 homicides last year and 148 the year before, which was up 68% from 2004 […] Gang violence in Oakland [was] so bad that last year Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger committed officers form the state’s highway patrol to help stem the violence” (401). Yet, he fails to state how this number has been affected because students have or have not been involved in sports teams rather than gangs.
The argument is well-organized, told in chronological order of Lawson’s journey. However, the article falls short when no specific
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