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Theroux, P. “Being a Man” English 102 Reader. Bedford/St. Martin’s. Boston, 2013 pages. 358-361. Print “Being a man” is an article from the English 102 Reader. The author is Theroux is very blunt when it comes to voicing his opinions on the standard stereotypes that he’s faced with as an American man. He states stereotypes are flat out stupid and in particular he hates the term “Being A Man”. He goes on to explain that the term “being a man” really upsets him and it’s completely unreasonable and unfair to men who doesn’t per say fit into the stereotype of your typical, masculine, manly man. This article was very straight forward and he wastes no time stating how he feels and his point of view. With this being said he doesn’t acknowledge the other side. It’s his opinion and point of view basically makes the entirety of the essay. It’s a great essay overall. I will be using this article for my essay because it flows very well with my topic. I’ve used it before and in a previous essay and it strengthened my argument so I’m confident it will help my ethos. Tannen, D. “There Is No Unmarked Woman” English 102 Reader. Bedford/St. Martin’s. Boston: 2013. pages 376-381. Print “There Is No Unmarked Woman” is an article in the English 102 Reader where the author (Tannen) is at some type of business convention with men and woman and then she comes to this weird realization that she’s only noticing woman and not men. She then realizes is because of the women’s distinct fashion
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