Articles on Whether to Obey or to not Obey

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The main idea is that regardless the real actions of the leaders; nowadays followers have lost the capability of respect and judge authority rationally. According to the author this is mainly due to a strong empowerment of the population. Every individual wants to be personally satisfied; in fact, we have become cynical, we have moved our focused from the wellbeing of the community as a whole to the pursuing of an egoistically individual welfare. The author gives an ironic yet curious solution to the followers’ problem, emulating the Internet. Defined by the author as: “a disbursed semi-anarchic in which authority is suspected and each individual is king.” It is the ultimate form of democracy, in which no absolute leader is proclaimed, and everyone holds a share of power. Unfortunately, this semi-anarchic proto-world would soon turn into an absolute anarchic one, where power would become so distorted that would inevitably be the cause of its own failure. According to the author we must have a clear vision of our leaders in order to consider them “just” and to ultimately obey to their guidance. We must be “just” followers in order to recognize a “just” leader among all of the “unjust” ones. Obeying to leadership is as important as having a sane population to be lead. The second article written by Erich Fromm was entitled “Disobedience as a Psychological and Moral Problem.” The main idea is that…
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