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I. Describe the artifact in detail. For instance, how would you describe it to someone who could not see it? [You practiced this 2-4-1 Short Answer: Seeing Your Artifact in a New Light.] Your response might include basic and technical details about the artifact, such as its medium, who made it, where it comes from, and what area of the humanities it belongs to: “All Shook Up” is an American rock-and-roll song, written by Otis Blackwell and sung by Elvis Presley, recorded and released in 1957. The song is approximately two minutes long. You could also describe what the artifact depicts, what it is about: In the song Elvis sings about the symptoms that he is experiencing from being in love and how they affect him physically and mentally…show more content…
One can also locate video of Elvis performing it live. A person alive in the 1950s could have experienced the song live in person. This would be a different experience since he or she would have been surrounded by a lot of screaming fans. Music can be experienced in a variety of places, either socially (at a bar or diner) or alone, and what is going on around the listener at the time can affect the experience. Lastly, one can experience the song to some degree as a kind of poetry simply by reading the lyrics. What catches my senses is her beauty and her impressive size. When viewed from far it looks tiny however, from close range it is an amazing sculpture. From the pedestal to the top it measures 305 feet and 6 inches, with the face measuring over 8 feet tall and weighs 225 tons. The fact that she is more than just a monument; a symbol of freedom, it makes anyone continue to learn more about her. III. State your opinion on what you believe is the purpose of this artifact and the success of the creator in achieving the purpose. For instance, what message do you believe the creator is trying to express, and is that message successfully expressed? [You examined this in 2-3-1 Worksheet: Reasons for Creating Artifacts.] “All Shook Up” is intended to present the physical and mental state of being in love, one of the big themes

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