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I am not sure if you knew this, but I am actually in the organizational behavior and human resource management program. I need another three hours to finish my degree program, and that is why I was put in the Intro to Student Services class. I was excited to be part of this class anyways, because I have been ruminate this idea of trying to get my doctorate degree and becoming a professor myself. And by the start of this course, I had figured that there are probably a few insightful things from this course that I could learn for the future if I decided to go through with my idea.
I begin my Artifact portion from our Assignment Five Journal Entry, which we were to discuss our own educational philosophy. I went with a relatively new idea from
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It would be an understatement to acknowledge the importance of ethics. There is nothing more invaluable or indispensable than adhering to proper ethics, and that I why I included this case study assignment with my Artifact. Part of the assignment has to do with teaching and sharing this information with students in this program about the ethical standards for student services professional, and where to seek out information on ethical standards for this profession when you need it (ACPA).
The second part of this assignment is that each group member shares their own thoughts about the case study and what ethical issues they see from their perspective. This was a great assignment that allowed group members to communicate their own thoughts with each other. Additionally, we were able to offer possible suggestions to resolve the case study with a group dialogue. This also serves as a reminder that along with working in higher education and student services, there is a great responsibility to uphold the university and the students in the highest
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Even for myself personally, I found a lot of useful information that I could use to positively change my behavior as a leader. Honestly, I have a hard time dealing with certain people at work. This is not a “good” quality to have, but I am aware enough to know that this is something I have to handle. At the very least, the Lincoln book motivates you to want to try to at least be better; to not just passively accept things or circumstances at work as they are. It is knowing that either you (or another individual) is sometimes enough to make a change. And when you get to a place of leadership, knowing what I just wrote, might be the only thing you have for a while to motivate you to try to change things for the better at your college
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