Artifact Three : An Educator For Rural Cancer Centres Essay

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Artifact Three Artifact three was obtained through weeks 10-13, which consisted of two units. The artifact to analyze is presented as follows: “Hi! This is a very interesting topic, as I have used telehealth many times. As an educator for rural cancer centres, I do not have the ability to meet with the staff face-to-face, so telehealth is often used. I have found it can be more difficult to engage others in telehealth occasionally. With FTF interactions, people are more willing to respond to questions. I have been trying to start out by saying I acknowledge it is more difficult for some with telehealth, but I highly value everyone’s thoughts. I warn them that I will be asking many questions, and if I don’t have any answers, I will call on each of them, and to keep the remote in their hands to unmute. I don’t know if it is the group I have in orientation now, or the change in my opening, but I have found much more participation than in past sessions. I haven’t personally used it for patient care, but many of my navigators have, and there is one team in CancerControl who is thriving with the use of telehealth. Our pain and symptom clinic is based in Edmonton, and they assist patients with many symptoms and palliation. They have a virtual clinic, where they use telehealth to provide this service to patients who are unable to go to Edmonton, and it has been so valuable for so many patients. Looking at the article by Brewster, Mountain, Wessels, Kelly, & Hawley

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