Artifact speech outline Essay

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Sept 17 2013
Title: Little Doll
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about myself.
Thesis: A little foreign doll reveals more about me and my character more than anything in my room.


I. When unfamiliar guests walk into my room they notice the tattooed men with piercings that I have yet to marry covering my walls, however that is not what gets their attention. [Attention Getter]

II. A little clay doll shorter than a foot is what really makes them curious. This little foreign doll reveals more about me and my character more than anything in my room. [Thesis Statement]
III. Today I will be talking about why this is true and how this little doll shows you who I am through her presence
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Transition: Not only does the presence of the doll reveal who I am, the symbolism does also.
II. The doll symbolizes the clay toys the indigenous children received from their parents, reflecting their childhood; the exchange of gifts parallels my own childhood.

A. Similarly my family always bought me traditional Oaxacan toys.
1. When I was little my dad would often visit his mother in Oaxaca and would bring me back yoyos, little clay pottery, and other curious objects that I could never seem to find at Target or Toys-R-Us.
2. Both my mom and dad would teach me how to play with the toys as they did when they were young.
B. The doll also reflects my childhood.
1. I grew up seeing my family members also dance in a folkloric group. The doll triggers memories of traveling all over California whenever they had a performance and seeing them dance in front of dozens of people.
2. Always being around luxurious and exotic costumes made them normal and a part of my everyday childhood life. It was almost as if I lived there myself.

Transition: Though the doll’s symbolism helps you discover who I am, the outer component reveals just as much.

III. When you hold the doll you realize that it is hard as if it was made of glass, however this is not the case; soft clay is the material.

A. The doll is hard to break and
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