Artifical Intelligence Research

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Do you believe that artificial intelligence research can solve this problem?

Language consists of many constituents and each of them is full of disagreements and irregularities. At this stage Hatch et el. is trying to find a pattern amongst these irregularities of components. Scholars did not reach an end for language its, there is no conclusive definition for language, Which could show us that we do not know language fully or even near fully.

Hatch is saying why do not we try to put all SLA theories on transparencies and place them over each other over overhead projector and try to consistency among them. She suggesting that we should into language through its different angels instead of focusing on each angle alone. Focusing on grammar alone may get some result that are not applicable to vocabulary teaching and instead we should shift our attention to a bigger domain which the whole language.

Artificial intelligence can help in teaching language but it is not going to resolve the problem of language teaching fully. Simply because artificial thinking is human product and up till now humans do not understand SLA fully therefore, how could we expect that their product will surpass them.

Why can't second language educators, foreign language educators, psychologists, theoretical linguists, anthropologists, and applied linguistics agree on acquisition/learning theories according to Long? Use Long's…
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