Artificial Happiness In Brave New World Essay

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Artificial happiness – universal drug addiction (modern soma, gov’t sponsored) When Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in 1931, he predicted that in a future society government will provide a drug that makes you forget your feelings and makes you happy. Huxley predicts that everyone will develop a universal drug addiction to this drug which will provide artificial happiness. In our modern society we can noticed that the current trend in Europe shows an increase of recreational drugs which makes people happier.
Henry and Lenina go on a date and have dinner with other people from their caste. ‘’Soma was served with the coffee (Huxley 75) … the sixteen burst into song: ‘’Bottle of mine, it’s you I’ve always wanted!’’ (Huxley 76) … Lenina and Henry were yet dancing in another world – the warm, the richly coloured, the infinitely friendly world of soma-holiday’’ (Huxley 77). By saying that the soma was served with the coffee, Huxley shows that soma is something that people are used to and is totally normal to take. In Brave New World humans even have songs about the soma, which makes it a big part of their culture and it shows that they honor the soma. Soma is used to escape the reality and create artificial happiness; when the situation isn’t as perfect as it should be, they are still happy due to the soma. Besides, soma is a drug that doesn’t have any bad effects on Brave New World members health, except that it shortens their life.
When Lenina and Bernard are in
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