Artificial Intelligence And Authentic Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence and Authentic Intelligence
By Weldon Smith | Submitted On May 23, 2012

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Expert Author Weldon Smith
Scientific people have always enjoyed the thought of artificial intelligence--of a machine being able to think and act on its own. It 's a popular theme for novels and movies too. And who of us wouldn 't love to have a personal robot to anticipate our needs and take care of them? I even remember a production from the local planetarium about computers worldwide that networked and synergized their data. At the end of the production this networked computer system commanded, "Let there be light!" and a new universe was born.

Artificial intelligence has as many definitions as people defining it. For some it is only a matter of a machine being able to analyze data and then take an appropriate action. But I think for most, it means that a machine can actually think, can learn, can create, can come up with original ideas--that it can act like a person and be indistinguishable from a human being in its actions and thoughts.

If artificial intelligence is only a machine or a system acting on its own, then a lawn sprinkler system that has…
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