Artificial Intelligence And Human Intelligence

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Name Mohammed Warsame
Institutional Affiliation
26th January, 2015 Table of Contents
Artificial Intelligence 3
Abstract 3
Project Outline 4
Introduction 5
Factors that inhibit a human from executing the rational decision 6
Soft Computing Domains Inspired by Biology 8
Soft Computing 8
Artificial Neural Network 9
Genetic Computing and Evolutionary Computing 10
Emotions and Artificial Intelligence 12
Neural Network Inheritance 12
Is there need to Inherit the Entirety of the Neural Architecture? 13
Conclusion 14
Reference List 15

Artificial Intelligence
The purpose of this paper is to bring to light a fresh new perspective of Artificial Intelligence or simply (AI). There have been numerous endeavours to make artificial intelligence which is inclusive of frontiers such as neural network, evolution theory, and so forth, not forgetting that a number of current issues have found solutions in the application of these concepts, the case still remains that each theory only covers a certain isolated aspect of human intelligence. To date, he gap that stands between a human being and an artificial intelligence agent still remains unabridged. In this paper an extrapolated version of artificial intelligence shall be discussed which will be augmented by emotions and the plausibility of inheriting a neural architecture from one generation to the next in a bid to make artificial intelligence to compare to the natural behaviour and intelligence of human
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