Artificial Intelligence And The Military

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Practical Artificial Intelligence in the Military The idea of artificial intelligence has been around for thousands of years. Ancient Greek myths talk about how machines were made to perform tasks for their creators. The most basic forms of artificial intelligence arose from people creating machinery to do tasks for them, such as using windmills to mill grain or retrieve water from the ground, deriving formulas of math to reach answers quicker, or to print books that would have to be hand written before. Just recently, artificial intelligence has started being implemented into the military. The expansion and development of artificial intelligence in the military is safe. It will ultimately remove humans from the battlefield and/or equip them with technologically advanced gear that will help prevent injuries during war that would otherwise be fatal. At this point in time it seems rather outlandish to have machines or supersoldiers (people aided by technology in war) to be sent off to war to fight for our safety. However, these forms of A.I. are not completely polished but, they are on the horizon and will help greatly reduce the toll that tragedies of war have on the United States. War would be exponentially safer for our country and soldiers if artificial intelligence is used properly. The United States needs to realize how war is going to be fought in the future. According to The New York Times article, “Artificial Intelligence in the Next War,” officials of the United
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