Artificial Intelligence During The World Today

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Artificial Intelligence in The World Today The 19th and 20th Centuries came in a wave of technological advances that have become intertwined in humanity. Smartphones are the most commonly used technology that contain artificial intelligence today. Artificial intelligence continues to advance and expand surpassing the aspiring ideas from the 1920’s. Artificial Intelligence has a strong impact on the future.
In fact, IBM’s “question answering machine” (Markoff 212), Watson, confirmed the advances of AI by defeating two champion players on the television show Jeapordy! Watson, brought to light the prospect of “a world in which intelligent machines will understand and respond to humans”. However, not all critics were inspired by Watson. “Watson is an early sighting of a highly disruptive force.” (Baker 218) Regardless of the mixed reviews following Watsons victory, IBM alongside other research companies, are already working on reproducing Watsons analysis capabilities in forms that could be used in pharmacies or laboratories to benefit society.
On the other hand, a human brain analyses information differently than a computer. The human brain not only interprets the information given but the situation as well. The result of this is reaching a sensible conclusion. “Only a fool will persist in adhering to a rule or set of directives when its application is clearly counter intuitive and even disastrous.” (Fish 217) However, “Consciousness, the machine process that goes on in…
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