Artificial Intelligence In Traditions By La Maquina

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Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processed by machines, especially computer systems in which can ran as robots. AI systems are programmed of acquisition of information and rules for using the information to reach approximate or definite conclusions. There are various applications of AI expert systems, some include speech recognition and machine vision. In the story of Traditions, we are introduced with La Maquina, a AI robot who lives with a Mexican household family who serves as a maid essentially. "Y Mira, you're interested in cooking, in being a curandero, in learning her ways" (Gonzales, Kindle). The writing style in the story is engaging because of Gonzales focus on Mexican culture and traditions in this futuristic world. I believe in cases like these this benefits the family in functional aspect of living. Having a robot/assistant perform tasks around the house can be very helpful. Such as cleaning, babysitting, cooking this can allow for us humans to focus on more important things such as trying to live a healthy lifestyle and focusing on school or work. In the prologue to this story, the author talks about incorporating their tradition to today’s world. There is a rising conflict between Mictan and her grandmother. Grandma wants Mictan to live a certain life but does not agree to what she ultimately thinks about it. The robot seems to have a high-performance technology because of her communications and abilities we notice right away,
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