Artificial Intelligence Is The Dominant Theory

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Artificial intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machines or software. Artificial intelligence also studies how people create computers that are capable or preforming an intelligent behavior, like a human (Business Dictionary). To back up artificial intelligence, there is functionalism. Hilary Putman developed functionalism in the 1970’s, which is still the dominant theory in todays’ society. Functionalism states that having a mind does not require a brain and mental states can be realized by other kinds of substances. Mental states are also defined by their functions. In other words, functionalism is where ones causes and effects define the views of their mental states. An example can be defined as being in pain, which can cause…show more content…
Dualism is just a substance and it stated that the mind is made up of other things rather than just atoms. Where materialism states the opposite. It showed that there were no such things as immaterial substances, which meant there were no souls. Materialism was the simpler theory because there was no mystery and it assumed the least. For that, Ockham’s razor denied the objection to the mind body dualism because it assumed too much. Along with that, materialism was able to prove that without having a soul, computers can still be intelligent like a human.

Functionalism was an influence that made people believe in the possibility that machines can be intelligent. It also identifies mental states by what they do rather than what they are made of and there in that statement, the mind body dualism is denied by functionalism. Perhaps mental states are more a matter of software, like running a program on your computer (Rosen et al., 355). It is denied not only because there is not enough information to back it up, but because functionalism says that beliefs, desires and emotions fit into the larger system since those types of mental states must be realized by something else other than by what it already is.

Like anything else in philosophy, there are always objections to someone’s theory. An objection or the

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