Artificial Intelligence Is The Most Controversial Field

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Within the last 50 years, the information scientists know about artificial intelligence has increased to levels never reached before. In 1968, the first computer controlled walking machine was created and today, robots are replacing humans in the work industry (History 5). By the year 2029, it is predicted that robots will be able to outsmart their makers (Khomami 1). More knowledge about artificial intelligence is being acquired by scientists. There are several advantages that come with artificial intelligence in robots, but coupled with that comes potential pitfalls and dangers. Artificial intelligence is the most controversial field in robotics. It is agreed that a robot can work in an assembly line, but whether or not the robot can be intelligent is debatable. Intelligence is described as the ability to adapt to new environments and situations and being able to understand consequences and effects that one’s actions cause (Pros 1). A robot with complete artificial intelligence would have the same thought process as human beings. Like humans, the robot would also have the ability to reason, learn, and formulate original ideas. Computers can already solve problems in a limited realm while some modern robots have the ability to learn in a restricted capacity. Unlike humans, robots can solve complex problems every second of everyday, without sleep or coffee breaks (Bowman 1). Developing artificial intelligence is not like creating an artificial heart - scientists do not…
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