Artificial Intelligence Or Ai Is A Science Of Machines

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Artificial intelligence or AI is a science of machines. Machines are set up to perform functions that would require brain power and decision making. These machines have been designed to solve math problems, play games, assemble products and can be a form of communication. The basis of the story is to understand whether robots can think or function like humans. Humans deal with things on an everyday basis not knowing what the outcome will be. There are also information sensitive creatures such as digital computers. A computer is given information, stores what has been received and produces an outcome. In the end, a human is the one to program the computer to provide the information. There has always been a comparison between human minds and computers, but this has caused a great deal of debate. For instance a computer has to be fed information in order to produce an outcome. The information has to be fed by a human, but the effectiveness depends on what the programmer is trying to accomplish. The first article talks two robots names Harry and Henrietta. Harry is a humanoid form that communicates just a human on any subject. People may believe that he is really human. But one cannot really say whether he is human or not based on the actions that is displayed just like a real live person. Harry does not have organs like a human or produced as a human. Henrietta who is human has been set up with synthetic materials. Everything else about Henrietta stays the same as if she was…
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