Artificial Intelligence, Theory And Development Of Computer Systems Essay

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Artificial intelligence, theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence, such as speaking, decision-making etc. When most people think of artificial intelligence (Al), they think of the robots from the movie Chappie, or I, Robot. Those are some examples of what AI could lead to but that is not exactly it. The idea of intelligent machines go back to Greek mythology. The origin of AI can be described as philosophers who tried to explain human thinking as a significant system. However, the field of Al wasn’t properly found until 1956, in a conference in Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where the term Al was first used. Since then Ideas have been exchanged and introduced through literature and recently movies. Living with such intelligence will transform our lives and remodel the way we live.
Early examples of Al include the first game playing program, The General Problem Solver (GPS), etc. Arthur Samuel created the first game playing computer in 1952 that could gain skills and beat a world champion in checkers. The General Problem Solver was created in 1957 by Newell, Shaw, and Simon. It was a computer program that had a purpose of solving any problem that could be expressed as a set of well-formed formulas. The first industrial robot company, Unimation was founded in 1962. The industrial robot worked in the General motors assembly line. In 1963, a program called ANALOGY that was written by Thomas Evans, could…
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