Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

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As computing became more and more complex and memory and advances in computer chip technology increased, the study of artificial intelligence and the idea of what might be possible for computers has also undergone a dramatic evolution. In fact, many contemporary computing applications at home, in vehicles, and in business already use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a basis for many operations. Many of today's machines are designed to perform a specific task and function. Modern manufacturing has advanced because of robotics, and certainly this has dramatically changed the way the world works. Now, we move into a different future, one in which computers can self-replicate teach themselves and adapt to different conditions. In fact, the more complex they become, the more we will need them to repair and maintain themselves. Of course, there remains fear that once they reach a position of sentience, they will have no further need for human kind. However, long generational space exploration, or exploration into hostile environments for humans can easily be accomplished by robots, contributing to the betterment of humankind (Greenmeire, 2008). Despite the popular motion picture view of AI; from HAL in 2001: A Space Odyssey to Robin Williams in Bicentennial Man, the concept of AI can be defined in a number of ways. If we use…
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