Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine A Term Paper Presented to MS. SERPOLETTE BOHOL Department of Social Sciences and Humanities College of Education and Social Sciences Mindanao State University at Naawan 9023 Naawan, Misamis Oriental In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course English 2 (College English 2) by ERNIE G. ALJAS HANS KELVIN P. MERMIO March 2011 Introduction Nowadays there are insufficient of medical specialist in the most developing countries which can cause of increase of mortality of patients suffered from various diseases. With this case, the institutions of higher learning take certain action to produce as many doctors as possible. However, many patients will die while…show more content…
Artificial intelligence can be possibly malfunctions and do the opposite of what they program to do. Purpose in making Artificial Intelligence in medical application Medical artificial intelligence is primary concerned with the const ruction of artificial intelligence programs that perform diagnosis and make therapy recommendations. In this case, many intelligent systems have developed for the purpose of doing fastest operations with deals in medication, for enhancing health-care and provide better health care facilities, reduce cost and many others. It also developed for or to assist users, particularly doctors and patients and to provide early diagnosis and prediction to prevent serious illness. However, intelligent system can never replace the human expertise because as human they are very useful as required in doing frequent monitoring to ensure the validation of the system. The challenge, however, is for researchers and developers of Artificial Intelligence to push boundaries by elevating the capabilities of computer systems so as to be adaptable and creative when handling specific and unfamiliar situations. To produce machines that are capable of automating even the most human of tasks requiring intelligent thought. The purpose of Artificial Intelligence research should not be misunderstood, though. It is not to replicate human beings, but rather to develop useful machines that can solve problems as well as humans. To such
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