Artificial Intelligent, Natural Language Processing

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Abstract We are living in a busy world. Everyone is trying to catchup with almost everything he can. As a result we all need our own persona assistant to help us out everyday. But not everyone can afford it. Intelligent Personal Assistant is the answer for them. Artificial Intelligent is improving fast. And taking advantage of it in our everyday life can make our life much easier. It can mimic basic things like a human companion. In this paper we compared between currently popular Intelligent Personal Assistants. What they can do and what they can not yet. Though they provide state of art features but there is still many field to make improvement, like improved natural language processing so that we don’t have to use some predefined keyword to get answer. Chapter 1 Introduction With the breakthrough of speech recognition, natural language processing, semantic web and machine learning we can safely say that the age of Intelligent Personal Assistant(IPA) is upon us. A software agent that can do various task or service for a person is called Intelligent Personal Assistant. It depend on user input, location information and various online sources for information about weather, traffic conditions, news etc. Currently there are many of such agent is available for everyday use such as Google Now by Google, Siri by Apple, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana and Facebook’s M. The first fully functional IPA is Denise developed by NextOS formerly known as Guile3D. The company was founded
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