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An Artificial Satellite is a people-made machine that orbits a variety of other objects in space. Many Artificial Satellites orbit the Earth to gather information about the universe, to predict the weather, to help with the navigation of ships and planes, to assist in telephone calls over the ocean, to observe the Earth, and as a tool to improve military activities. Though Artificial Satellites have mostly orbited Earth, some have orbited the moon, the sun, asteroids, Venus, Mars and Jupiter; these satellites mostly study the body around which they're orbiting. As a satellite is any object that orbits another, Artificial Satellites are people-made. Natural satellites include the moon around the
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The USSR was a pioneer in sending objects into space, being the first country to ever do such. This launch inspired the use of Artificial Satellites for things political, military, technological, and scientific. The launch of Sputnik I also began what was called the "space race" between the United States and the Soviet Union in addition to the being the beginning of the space age.
The USSR wanted to launch an Artificial Satellite during the International Geophysical Year, a year when the cycles of solar activity would be at a high point. Thus, in 1952, the International Council of Scientific Unions decided to launch artificial satellites to map the Earth's surface.
The order of the first launch by country is as follows: 1. Soviet Union - 1957 - Sputnik I - successful launch (test to see if the launch of an Artificial Satellite was possible) 2. United States - 1958 - Explorer I - successful launch (developed to test guided missile components) 3. France - 1965 - Asterix - successful launch (first French Army satellite) 4. Japan - 1970 - Osumi - successful launch 5. China - 1970 - Dong Fang I - successful launch 6. United Kingdom - 1971 - Prospero X-3 - successful launch 7. European Union - 1979 - Ariane I - successful launch 8. India - 1980 - Rohini - successful launch 9. Israel - 1988 - Ofeq I -
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