Artificial Selection And Natural Selection

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Artificial Selection is much different than natural selection but can have similar advantageous effects. Selection has profound effects on populations and has the ability to modify forms and behaviors of living things to the point that they look and act very unlike their ancestors. Artificial selection provides a model that helps us understand natural selection. It is a small step to envision natural conditions acting selectively on populations and causing natural changes. (Takashi, 2014.) By inducing artificial selection, it can help us to create a better version of that species which could then provide us with more product whether it’s more fit offspring or more agricultural product and those advantageous traits will continue to prosper. Artificial selection also helps us to select only the traits that we want and nothing more, whereas natural selection selects traits off of necessities or necessary adaptations to the species environment. We are taking what we know about artificial selection and using that for our Bean Beetle experiment to try to induce evolution by the end of the semester. We are using Bean Beetles because they have a short reproductive cycle and adults only live for 1-2weeks and they also don’t require much maintenance in terms of food and water. (Lab Manual). And during those two weeks, they don’t require food or water because they spend their lifetime mating and laying eggs on beans. (Life Cycle of Bean Beetles) This experiment had be
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