Artificial Sweeteners: The Invention Of Aspartame

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Artificial sweeteners have been in use for well over a century with the first development of saccharine in 1879. Before Saccharine had its name (which is latin for sugar), it was being developed as a food preservative and it’s sweetness was not even noticed until later that night when Constantine Fahlberg went home for dinner and noticed the sweet taste on his fingers. Saccharine was heavily used during World War 1 when sugar rationing was at an all time high. Because it was so readily available it was an obvious choice to send over to Europe and distribute around the United States. After World War 1 the addition of saccharin in food stuffs and drinks was on the rise and its use continued through World War 2 and beyond. The next big innovation in artificial sweeteners came in 1965 with the invention of Aspartame.…show more content…
He discovered this artificial sweetener by accident, much like how saccharin was discovered as an artificial sweetener in 1879. In 1981 Aspartame was approved by the FDA for the use of sweetening products and also to be used as a tabletop sweetener. (The History, Synthesis). Aspartame is made up of 3 main components all of which are
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