Artificial Wombs: Ethical Or Necessary?

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In order to develop artificial womb technology for the use on humans, human embryos and fetuses would at some point have to be used as experimental subjects. Under what circumstances do you think this should be permissible, or should it? Explain your response.
I am thinking someday probably later rather than sooner, but you never really know how modern technology keep changing it might be next year. I do believe medical scientist will likely advance very soon to the point where they will create artificial wombs. This process would allow a fetus to grow outside of the mother's body, either directly from fertilization or even perhaps after fertilization and after the fetus has spent some time in a natural womb. Scientists are already making
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This isn't the real issue though; that would be the twofold life begins at conception idea and the fact that many pro-lifers don't really give two craps about the infants involved and just want their dogmatic, narrow-minded view of the world to be agreed to by everyone else. Artificial wombs would give the pro-choice side of the abortion debate more credibility, but honestly would probably be seen as some sort of unnatural monstrosity by at least a sizable minority of the pro-life…show more content…
If so should this choice be available to everyone? Explain your response.
No, I think they should grow their babies entirely in artificial womb because the
Artificial wombs would need an artificial uterus that supplies nutrients and oxygen to the baby. Also, custom-built amniotic fluid sacs would also need to remove waste. Any placenta machine with cables is needed because this machine will monitor everything from the baby’s weight to heart rate.
Would you consider using an artificial womb to have your own children? If so, under what circumstances? If not, why not?
No, because I feel like pregnancy occurs inside the body, it has a level of existing privacy that resists control in societies that value individual rights, this allows you as the mother to grow closer to your baby, you can feel when the baby is kicking when the baby is
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