Artificial Wombs Will Spawn New Freedoms Essay

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In this article Olson and Pellisier discuss how artificial wombs will change human reproduction. The authors believe that over time the concept of an egg, an artificial womb, will be used for human reproduction, rather than incubation of fetus within a woman’s body. This process is called ectogenesis, which is “the development of artificial wombs that can sustain fetuses to term without the need for women's bodies.” (Smajdor, 2007) This article discusses the concept of an artificial womb, the health & safety benefits, the advantages to potential parents, the possibility of gender equality and balanced parenting roles and potential resistance to using artificial wombs. While the concept of “artificial wombs” is not relatively new, it …show more content…
The resulting embryo is then transferred to the woman's uterus (womb) to implant and develop naturally.” (Garcia, 2005)
Improving health & safety Reproduction is currently a difficult and uncertain process that is subject to problems, mistakes and difficult. Joseph Fletcher, PhD., University of Virginia Medicine notes that the womb of a mother is a dark and dangerous place, a hazardous environment. While the embryo is developing into a fetus, it is completely dependent on the mother. So for example, if a woman drinks alcohol during her pregnancy, the chances of her child developing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome are high. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is not the only concern for pregnant women as major influences on the good development of the fetus include; eating and drinking habits, working habits, stresses on the body, physical movement & falls, taking enough vitamins to stimulate proper growth of the fetus, weight gain, the potential dangers to the mother & child of the childbirth process and much more. It would also be possible to correct any mutations in an embryo and dangerous genetic disorders would be detected and potentially eliminated or early termination of the embryo could be discussed.
Similar with stem cell research, the “Incubation in artificial wombs is immeasurably safer: perfect-balanced doses of nutrients can be provided to the “hydroponic”
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