Essay on Artillery and Weapons of the Civil War

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Every war, though happens for a reason and bring a better change, is often gruesome. The Civil War broke America in two groups and, at the time, was the war with the most casualties and injured men. As the fight to preserve the Union progressed, so did a number of other areas, such as weaponry and artillery. The advanced technology produced through the Civil War assisted in increasing number of casualties. The North was more fortuitous than the South in multitudinous ways. One of which includes the fact that their industrial society allowed them to produce a larger amount of weapons of a higher quality. One of the major reasons the Union triumphantly defeated the Confederate army was because of their more superior types of weapons. A…show more content…
Unfortunately, the South had a large disadvantage in this area. The Confederacy was dependent on stolen weapons to fight in the war (Morgan). Although the South advanced in agriculture, this did not assist them in producing a high quality and quantity of weaponry and artillery. Artillery caused a greater commotion than weaponry amongst people. It was better at targeting and accurately shooting targets. The Parrott rifle, as previously mentioned, was used frequently yet was unpopular amongst the soldiers. As a solution, the 3-inch Ordnance replaced the Parrott rifle. This cannon was more accurate and had a longer range, up to about 2,300 yards. It was a hundred pounds lighter than the Parrott. The Union army produced about a thousand Ordnances. Lacking the technology, the Confederates did not and could not produce them. However, the Ordnance was unnecessary during most battles since the shooter had to see his target in order to shoot with any accuracy (Morgan). The Ordnance, though not necessary, was a commonly used weapon. In order to solve the flaws of the Ordnance, the Napoleon was created. “It is believed that the Napoleon was the cause of more artillery casualties than all the other models combined during the Civil War. It could fire as far as 1700 yards, but was deadly accurate within a range of 300 yards. The Napoleon was a favorite amongst some Northern artillerists because of

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