Artist Identity

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Everything that exists in this world has its own identity whether some say it is rational or irrational, normal or abnormal. Identities are often encountered by questioning the origin of where it is from by those have greater political power. They have become the examiner who is capable to re-construct the object into a place from out of place (Ahmed. 2000, p.8) . How is this artistically affecting ‘other’ artists and their work in the past and current art world? Where does the social subjectivity (Jones, 2012, p.33) available to these ‘other’ artists? It is not excessively shocking that most of the artistic movements and sensations were raised by white male artists. This can assert that male artists are considered to be in greater political…show more content…
The artist cannot predict how their work will be conceived by others; the term ‘others’ in this case is referencing those who have yet to come across the artist’s work. Since the work is open to all conceivable situations, the artist cannot disregard cannot disregard the anxiety of being examine and particularised. How race and gender primarily were perceived in the Western art history and mainstream; female body was commonly used as an object to articulate the beauty through the male gaze, as well as Orientalism in art derived by the Western artists including those who have very minimal knowledge or have never been nearby East…show more content…
This can also deliberately seen as a displacement in social normativity. Feeling of being outsider, not having its own place and being differentiated from what has already perceived to be normal. Many of these feelings are apprehended through social norms and oppressions. Sarah Ahmed addresses other(ed) identities as ‘strange bodies’ (Ahmed, 2000, p.53), which suggests that those who acknowledge themselves as conventional bodies are claiming they have become home (Ahmed, 2000, p.52). However, marginalising identities would have not been existed if the particularising normativity weren’t pursued in the first place. Because of its misplacement, feminist artist uses their body to express their position in the societal structures, not only it expresses as an object, but also show that they have the right to the authority of themselves in this contradictive home. This suggests that female body should no longer be abjected in the gaze of male artist as inanimate beings (Sliwinska, 2016, p.54). Furthermore, through voicing their body and mind in the artwork, feminist artists continues to advocate this problematic contradiction of classical
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