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mNorhafizah Johan 11457 AM6A 11th Nov 2011 / 18th April 2012 AM 2102 Business of the Creative Enterprise II Artist Management Introduction As more artists decide to represent themselves or to take more proactive role in the marketing of their work, this is where the role of an artist manager comes in especially when the artist could not carry out the management-related responsibilities. An artist manager is able to help enhance an artist’s career by planning out their career or even helps negotiate a contract to protect the rights of the artist. An artist manager may not only play the role of a planner but also an adviser, organizer, strategist, overseer, coordinator, detail person, traveling companion and a…show more content…
His works are fresh and he has the drive to push his limits as a designer. Also, there is plenty of time for him to improve and mature before he ventures out into the design world. Therefore it is the perfect phase to experiment and make mistakes. The artist manager should also see his making and selling of his printed merchandise products as a doorway to further expose himself in the industry. Threats Since the idea of printed merchandise is not something new, the artist manager should try and think of ways on how to sustain Khir’s career as a designer in the long run and how to make him stand out from the rest of other designers. Strategic Marketing using STEP Model Socio-Cultural As Khir is familiar with the music scene, he could get clients from other local bands to design their band logo or cover album art for more exposure. He could also start a project from students to students and young adults aged between 14 years old to 25 years old to further push his printed merchandise products and zines into the market and scenes. Technological In this day and age, it is impossible to ignore the Internet and social media. Creating a website or an online presence for Khir would be a fast, cheap and efficient method to market Khir’s designs and update on any news about his works. Economic Being a student, Khir would have opportunity to enter competition and gain exposure. It would also be easier for him to get grants if he
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