Artist Observation

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When reviewing the space presented to me in image 42, my initial thought was in regards to the perspective of understanding the artist. Seeing the various artwork and embellishments on the walls clued me in specifically on the originality and creativity of the artist, which is the approach that I chose to take for this interpretation. Being a space overflowing with personal expression, I felt that the picture yearned for me to ask more about the inhabitant of the room, and who that person is. It’s especially important to consider that this isn’t a dorm room, but rather what I presume to be a personal room, allowing the inhabitant even greater control over his or her expression. Right off the bat, my first observation is the rustic dark wood wall juxtaposed with the small sliver of cream-colored drywall in the corner. This gives a feeling of warmth when paired with the tungsten light bouncing off of the walls. Artwork can be seen throughout the room as various sketches and drawings line the wall; a…show more content…
As stated earlier, a space with such expression and creativity cannot be passed up, as it says so much about the occupant, specifically the values and aspirations he/she holds. To be clear, our observations has allowed us to determine that the occupant is likely to be an artist, finds her friends to be very valuable, likes to keep a room tidy and in a specific order, and has a good eye for interior design. This may not seem overwhelmingly important at first, yet when one considers the amount of insight that we gained simply by observing the space, we have made remarkable strides in the understanding of the occupant, perhaps more so than a simple conversation with the occupant would cover. At simple glance, this space shows an elegant room of a rustic aesthetic, yet as seen through this interpretation, one can achieve a relatively deep understanding of the
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