Artistic Expression

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Human beings are unique in many ways, having the capability to learn and fine tune various skills and activities. One of the striking features of humans is the degree of creativity and innovation displayed through our thoughts and actions. Since past century, over one million books, literature, music, sculptures, and paintings are released each year. With time passing, not only have human activities evolved, but our definition of art has altered tremendously as well. Generally, the term art is referred to as a skill or mastery. Some say art is the work produced by dexterity and imagination, while others further elaborate saying, it is an application of creativity typically presented in a visual form. Artistic work has existed almost as…show more content…
Romance novels deliver the message of love and discuss the excitement and mystery between two people. Contrastingly, a horror novel may ignite the feelings of fear, disgust, and tragedy in the reader. Through their words, authors are able to emotionally connect to their audience, ultimately producing a profound piece of art. An artist expresses his emotions and imagination in his artwork, but there is a major challenge that he faces with delivering his intensions in a clear manner. Some may say abstract art is meaningless, and as a matter of fact, it is not art, for no emotional bonding is being created. Similarly, some may argue that nonobjective artwork is not art for it does not hold a direct connotation. This is where the humans’ capacity of understanding each other plays a major role. We tend to judge others by using our own experiences as the base. We may find one artist’s work beautiful and the other’s ugly due to our altering perspective of beauty. This is why art is defined as an emotional connection between the artist and his audience, because different people have altering views about identifying emotions. Therefore, if the artist is able to convey some feelings in his artifacts, it should be considered art. If it were music or literature, receiving the artists’ message is easier to the audience when compared to paintings or sculptures. To make this psychological
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