Artistic Expression Should Not Be Denied Because

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Artistic expression should not be denied because it is important to express one’s views in any form of expression. Sommer Wadman observes that, “Research suggests that when people have opportunities to explore and express who they are, they gain confidence that translates into success, both in adolescence and throughout adulthood” (“Express Yourself: Power of the Arts” par. 4). According to this evidence, expressing yourself and being able to explore the world can gain confidence. This confidence, then turns into success. It helps young adults and teenagers into becoming an adult. Gaining confidence from any form of expression allows someone to do things that they have never done before and it helps a person to do what they actually want to do instead of always being afraid. It allows them to step up from that non-confidence place and speak up. Therefore, artistic expression should not be denied because it build confidence. Tricia Greaves notes, “By being true to yourself, and thriving on account of it, you are setting an example that will inspire others to step out and make changes. Your gift to yourself of changing is also a gift to others” (“10 Secrets to Expressing Yourself with Confidence” par. 9). Tricia Greaves explains that by being true to yourself and building that confidence to express yourself helps others come out as well and build their confidence too. Many will become an inspiration to others. Opening up helps others open up too. Opening up gives others an…
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