Artistic Voice Essay

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Artistic Voice

Authors have a distinct identity that you recognize when you read their work of art. The qualities and aspects of a text that give an author a distinct identity as an artist are known as their artistic voice. Denise Levertov and Anne Sexton both use different themes in their poetry that separate them from other poets. Denise Levertov writes about the unknown and the unsaid in life. Anne Sexton distinguishes herself by writing about her family, loves, and her emotional tragedies. Sandra Cisneros wrote a novel called The House on Mango Street that contained a different setup than most novels. It was written in fragments and the language was straightforward. Cisneros focuses on the importance of freethinking
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Meaning those problems that occur in the marriage will not just disappear when you kiss and make up. In the second stanza she is using communion to express how a spouse if looking for communication with their partner and is being turned away "each by each." Levertov refers to society as a leviathan in the third stanza. She also talks about how the couple is looking for joy in their relationship, but they do not want it to be known that things are not working out with them. In the last stanza Levertov uses to "the ark of" to explain the survival of marriage. Everyone feels that marriage is a delightful experience; choosing to ignore the reality of struggles that relationships must deal with. Levertov took the one-sided view that people hold of marriage and exemplified the realistic problems that people tend to forget.

When Anne Sexton writes her poetry she writes to make the reader feel what she is writing. Sexton tends to write about her own experiences and events in other women's lives. In Anne Sexton's Unknown Girl in the Maternity Ward, she uses a language to express a mother's pain and anger after she gave birth to her fatherless child:

And now that's that. There is nothing more that I can say or lose.
Others have traded life before and could not speak. I tighten to refuse your owling eyes, my fragile visitor.
I touch your cheeks, like
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