Artists Can Create Artist Profiles

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(i) artists can create artist profiles,

Registration of the artist profile would be a step to enforce the company’s rights in case someday I may want to defend my rights or litigation becomes necessary.

(ii) artists can upload content (music, videos, photos, text) and create widgets for fans to put on their own blogs websites facebook pages

The musicians will be uploading music, videos and images and text onto the service, so there should be a agreement that licenses the trademarks and publicity and likeness rights from the artist, and the copyright from rights holder (Master recording from label, publishing rights from publisher), so that your company can use, as much as possible, to implement, promote and market the service. It should specify that artists will retain their rights for the content that they upload, and is giving the service nonexclusive rights to the music, videos and images and text in order to host the music that musicians upload, stream and allow users to download it on the musicians behalf, the right for other users to listen to your sounds, display whatever text, lyrics, artworks and photos the artists put on the site. It should also clearly state that the musicians must make sure that they own full IP rights of all uploaded content, and if any intellectual property infringement cases comes up, the service should have the right to take it down, and list the standards of when to block or remove content or get accounts suspended or terminated. Since…

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