Artists Most Closely Associated with Snyder County, PA

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There are others like Frederick Kuster, Johann Conrad Trevits, Daniel Diefenbach, and Daniel Otto who probably never lived or worked within the geographical confines of what is today Snyder County, but were close enough to produce work for local families and influenced and were influenced by the works of others within this region. Also, some important artists from the area have never been identified and are known only because of their specific style or families for whom they created documents. The “Union County Scrivener” who seems to have worked entirely in what is today Snyder County, The Spigelmeyer Artist, and The Augusta Township Artist are just a few that fall into this latter category. Other artists produced works for local families, but often they fall into a group of itinerates who traveled about the state looking for families who wanted their Bibles brought up to date or documents created for a specific event.
In the fall of 1977 Elizabeth Bryding Adams published an article on Henry Young in the Pennsylvania German Society journal, Der Reggeboge. The article included 152 of his recorded works and was used as the catalogue for an exhibition on Young at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Folk Art Center in Williamsburg, Va. which was on view that same year. While this article and exhibit was not the first to draw attention…
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