Artists Playing Their Music In Advertising

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The use of an artist's music in advertising is a key part in advertising that could make a person looking at the advertisement really want what is being advertised. Artists and advertisement companies benefit from this so why shouldn't consumers get to listen to their favorite artist in a advertisement that advances the advertisers and artists pay checks. Listening to your favorite artist talk about a product while their music is playing in the back ground could make an Eskimo want to buy ice. The benefits of both the advertisers, the artists and possibly consumers outweighs the slight possibility that people will grow to not like the song anymore from it being over played.

Artists playing their music in commercials is such a good idea because a consumer will hear that song and immediately start to think of that product differently. It's as if the consumer thinks that if that artists likes the product or service so much it must be good. The artists now have the ability to bring in more money because more people will hear their song more often on television as well as the radio and other forms of advertisement. Artists are given an opportunity
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Artists need to realize that in order to stay successful or become such in the music industry they need to have advertisers selling their music along with the product. In source three it is well explained why artists need their music advertised in this quote: "A corporation paying for these costs can make the difference between artists growing their careers, or completely giving up on the music business altogether," (The New Necessity in the Music Business). Musicians are in a very risky business in which they need to conform and adapt to the changed on it to make a living as well as a successful
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