Arts 125 Art and Culture Week 5

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Art And Culture

Art and Culture
Since the beginning of time, artists have labored extensively to find innovative ways to convey sentiment, passion, and feeling. Telling stories and trying to unlock the minds of people through different avenues of artistic labors. Art touches and affects people in unique ways; it can have special or unusual meaning on the person depending on how one views it. Artists’ rendering of their art is interpreted in numerous ways by others who view it unless it is explained by the artist on its meaning giving a clear example of what they are portraying. Two people looking at the same painting, sculpture, portrait, or photo may come to different views on the arts meaning even though they are looking at the
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For instance, there is much more dependence on realistic scheme in art and new procedures in film making today than in the past. Realistic strategy tools are used for promotion and presentation but also can be used to oversee other art methods, such as photography, film, sculpture, painting, and architecture.
The role of diversity in any situation can only make the outcome better. The more perspective input that people put into something, the bigger the idea will grow and change. This fact has been proven from many fields. Sports have evolved from simple hand offs to passing and play action passes, music has expanded from bluegrass and country to rap and hip hop, rhythm and blues, pop, heavy metal, and instrumental. None of that would have been possible without the influence of different cultures and diversity.
The role of women have had an influence on art as well by opening up the softer more motherly side of art that men may not necessarily be able to tap into. The way that some see women’s art work is a softer more flowing piece. Buildings have a softer line while men design them with edges, sharp points, and more eye catching details. Photography is more sunsets, animals, insects, or landscape pictures as if they want to catch life as it is happing naturally where there is no human interaction.
The role of ethnic minorities brought the use of bright brilliant colors choices. People like to watch the Chinese
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