Arts 125 Week 5

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Art And Culture
ARTS 125

Art and Culture
Since the beginning of time, artists have labored extensively to find innovative ways to convey sentiment, passion, and feeling. Telling stories and trying to unlock the minds of people through different avenues of artistic labors. Art touches and affects people in unique ways; it can have special or unusual meaning on the person depending on how one views it. Artists’ rendering of their art is interpreted in numerous ways by others who view it unless it is explained by the artist on its meaning giving a clear example of what they are portraying. Two people looking at the same painting, sculpture, portrait, or photo may come to different views on the arts meaning even though they are looking
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There have been many changes from the past and into the 20th century dealing with computers in 1952 the first computer compiler was built to 1991 the world wide web becomes available to the public. “The 20th century was nearly into its fourth decade before the first electronic computer came along, and those early machines were behemoths capable of only the most basic tasks” (National Academy of Engineering 2013). There are many digital enhancements that have occurred in the 20th century such as Photo Flair, Photoshop, Photo Algorithm Software, and Triangle Photography also have a software program called Digital Photo Enhancement Services.
Technology helps students who have reading troubles when it comes to reading standard books. There are also many benefits of digital enhancement such as changing colors and fonts. Entrenching learning supports in content helps comprehension and building background examples; definitions, summaries, and key questions can be directly embedded to help with guide reading. Technology allows students to manipulate the text by copy and pasting.
Many artists depicted theme material subjective theoretically by technology as well. For instance, the thinkers, who fanciful the exquisiteness and possibilities of technology, but there are many artists that also discovered the adverse effects, e.g., Patricia Picnicking - "Restless," Effects like photography
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