Arts Administration : A New Field

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Arts administration education is a new field in China, and still needs to be developed and amended. Based on the curriculum setting of one of the most famous and highly respected universities – China Conservatory, Arts Administration courses include Arts Appreciation, Stage Management, Marketing, Cultural Policy, Artistic Dissemination, and Artistic Planning (website). From my own studying experiences, Arts Administration courses for students would be better served with content that involves more general and basic theories in the beginning of courses. If I could design a course for Chinese students entitled Arts Administration in China, I would include four main parts – Responsibility of arts managers; Mission writing, Leadership skills,…show more content…
Content II: Mission Writing The mission is the purpose the organization exists (Byrnes, 2015). Allison and Kaye (2005) also illustrated that the mission statement is the “statement of purpose and business” (p.85). They also indicated that a mission statement expounds the description of an organization, the reason an organization exists, and to whom an organization serves. No matter where the nonprofit art organization is, the mission statement is the most basic and vital element. Mature Chinese art organizations have clear mission statements on their websites, annual reports, and brochures. Thus, the mission writing skill is a basic ability of art managers, and it is vital to teach it at the beginning of arts administration course. Moreover, writing mission statements is an effective way for students to explore and understand arts organizations better. A Tool for Mission Writing – The Hedgehog Concept A mission states the purpose of an art organization’s existence and whom the art organization serves. Students need to learn skills to find out the mission and make sure that mission is the most appropriate one for an art organization. In order to work out the mission, arts administrators have to understand three aspects of an arts organization; and there is a very effective tool to help them find the answer – the Hedgehog Concept. The Hedgehog Concept is a simple,
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