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Unviewed Arts are Prettier: Representations of Visual Arts in Poetry Stepping into the marvelous Beaux-Art style building of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, we could appreciate the masterpieces of visual arts among many eras of humanities, from ancient Egypt to the Renaissance, from Chinese empires to modern era. Occasionally, we can see that in front of an oil painting or a bronze statue stands someone, who seems to be completely immersed in the atmosphere as if time stops.
Can we infiltrate these appreciators’ minds and explore their thoughts about these masterpieces? Of course not; however, many great writers are pleased to share their critics with us about visual arts via literature such as poems, using their talented
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Abundant emotional components not only grant the diverse interpretations of visual arts in poetry but also induce the sympathetic resonance from the readers. Therefore, the first important feature of visual arts in literature, especially poem, is to serve as mediators of emotions. Poets’ representations of visual arts often feature themes of love and romance. Many poets have the root of romance in their nature; therefore, to praise and to admire the beauty of love and intimacy become important components in many poems. At the beginning of Keats’ poem, he shows his reader a vivid scene of love about “pursuit” and “escape” between men and women (9); in addition, a suggestion of intimacy about “marble men and maidens overwrought” is another example of how the speaker acknowledged the theme of love on the urn (42). Compare to Keats’ poem, Lee’s poem contains stronger erotic scene of intimacy between the speaker and his lover Donna in the yard. Interestingly, using the speech of his father, the speaker emphasizes the similes between holding a persimmon and caressing his lover: sniffing the “scent”, sensing the “texture”, and feeling the “weight” (86-88). Thus, the frequent association between images in visual arts and poets’ representation of love is another charming feature of literature. Integrating the context of cultural conflict and recognition with literacy skills is a unique characteristic of Lee’s poem due to his

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