Arts & Entertainment Personal Statement

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It was a nice change to search a career based on my passion in Arts & Entertainment and find options with details that would assist me in career planning. I confirmed that for the most part a career in Arts & Entertainment has a lower average income rate than my current field. I am excited to find a balance between my current role and learning how to find opportunities that incorporate writing and the arts. I feel that my experience prepares me for any of the three roles I have researched. The responsibilities range from editing existing material for clients, publishers and producers. Planning projects, outlines and activities. Researching production topics, using archives and other informational resources. Preparing a training budget, evaluating instructor performance and…show more content…
This matches the Training & Development Manager role I have researched. Based on my MAPP results this Training & Development Manager role includes various values, interests and skills per the assessment. It provides an opportunity to lead people, work closely with a team, be creative and touch various parts of the business which will keep things changing. My assessment accurately stated that I like variety in my daily responsibilities. I researched job opportunities and Oracle which is a reputable company had a Brand Journalist position open. This role integrates advertising into marketing campaigns. The journalist will be the ambassador to create opportunities to build the brand. Knowing there are roles out there like this one and the one I am currently in keep me motivated to finish my bachelor’s degree and pursue my master’s. I know that with a degree it makes my path to whatever I chose to do that much easier, and the knowledge I learn in the process is
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